Aplication Publish

we are publishing android application directly to the android play store. we doing own free account google application play store.we are also managing play store account.

Publishing is the general process that makes your Android applications available to users. When you publish an Android application you perform two main tasks:

  • we prepare the application for release.
  • During the preparation step you build a release version of your application, which users can download and install on their Android-powered devices.

  • You release the application to users.
  • During the release step you publicize, sell, and distribute the release version of your application to users.

Usually, we are release your application through an application marketplace, such as Google Play. However, you can also release applications by sending them directly to users or by letting users download them from your own website.

The publishing process is typically performed after you finish testing your application in a debug environment. Also, as a best practice, your application should meet all of your release criteria for functionality, performance, and stability before you begin the publishing process.