website tracking report and analysis

Website Tracking Report and Analysis also known as Web Traffic Reports. Basically this is a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly traffic reports about your how many visitors you have in certain duration and how many pages people has seen. Under any Website Traffic Tracking Reports, there are so many charts from where you can easily check traffic details:

Website Files Hit Analysis.

  • How many pages of your website has been viewed by the visitors.
  • Visit or Session tracking analysis report
  • Visitor Tracking Report and analysis
  • Unique Visitor request tracking and analysis
  • Returning Visitor tracking and reporting
  • New Visitor count report and analysis
  • YouTube

Search Engine Ranking Reports

Search Engine ranking report is the report of any set of key phrases for which you have subscribed to us. We will monitor your x number of keyword and key phrases and will give you the monthly key phrases ranking reports in the major search engines. The report is the way to analyze how effectively we have optimized your website and what is the effort we are doing for higher ranking of your targeting keyword and key phrases.

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