Coaching Management


Skyzone Coaching Management is a Comprehensive Coaching Management that is highly beneficial to educational Institutes. Using this software you can analyze the overall working of your whole institution and have a control over its day-to-day activities.

The Basic features offered by this software is really helpful to keep tracking Students basic and Educational information like Student's exams, Student results & other activities that done by the Students and much more which is very helpful as educational institutions.

school pc

Student Admission

This Section covers all the basic information about the students. Personal information along with contact information, Student last school details an the parents details will also be collected here.

Attendance Management

All the related to student’s attendance comes under this section. Teachers as well as authorized user can log in at any time to check the attendance history. In addition monthly reports can be made of them.

Exam Management

Exam is a task that requires mostly at regular intervals. There will be always many things to manage This section will contain all information regardin the exams including the subjects, Results of exams and even their reports.

Fees – Accounting Management

Everything fee related comes under this section Authorized User can login to find the details about the student's paid fees and remaining fees, based on the criteria or when management requires Parents can notified by the SMS service.

SMS Notification

SMS Notification includes notification related to Activities, Notices ,Student Birthday wishes and othe custom messages and in that can send customized message which they want.

Batch / Standard

In this Section Every Institute can Manage this Software as per need. They can assign Student as per Batch or Standard. Thay can assign the subject to the student as per they need and very Flexibly take fees as the subject assigned to the student....

User Friendly Interface

user interface

User Friedly GUI and flow. Easy to Unserstand.

Easy Student Management

Reliability of Software

Batchwise & Standardwise

Assign Subject to Students as per requirement.
Fee Setup as Per Subject that is assigned to Subject.
Take Exam as per Batchwise or Standardwise.
Message Sending Facilty with Template and Custom Message.
Attendance and Homework Facility.
Easy reporting
Different type of Reports for Attendance, Fees, Exam, Homework, Student for better analysis.
Thus the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.

Note :- user id:- skyzone , password:- skyzone

Use this User Id and Password for Coaching Management Setup

Installation Guide

  • Run the downloaded exe.
  • Register the school name and details.
  • Then you have to insert a serial key (Tria/Register) for this you have to contact us on +91+9824622268, +91-9824622269.
  • Then you will see a login page, here enter username as "skyzone" and password as "skyzone".
  • Then a section page will be opened where you have to select the school and add the sections related to that school.
  • If you have any query please feel free to call us on +91+9824622268, +91-9824622269. or mail us at
  • If you want to purchase skyzone school master software login in our site and click on Buynow menu..and purchase it and after getting your payment we will provide you serial key..


We made this application using Microsoft Platform. We use C#. Net language as front end and MicroSoft Access as backend and SAP crystal report for reporting purpose.

  • Microsoft Access
  • SAP crystal report

Hardware Requirements

These topics describe the requirements for installing Question Paper Generator components, including the database and the Virtual Desktop Support. this is minimum Requirements for Installtion.

  • CPUs Intel® Pentium® Processor Dual Core E5200 @ 2.50 GHz, 2M Cache, 800 MHz FSB recommended.
  • Memory Minimum 2 MB RAM; 4 GB recommended.
  • Storage Minimum 350 MB locally attached storage; 2 GB recommended.
  • Graphics VGA Output of 1024 x 768 or more resolution.
  • Network interface card 100 Mbps (megabits per second) or faster.

Software Requirement

  • .Net framework 2.0 or above
  • Microsoft Access
  • SAP Crystal Report Run-time Edition.

Coaching Management